Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's been so long...

But I'm still here.
I've been really busy!
November is a big month in out family. My daughter turned 6 two weeks ago and all the preparations and celebrations left me exhausted!
So let me show you what I have done!
First - Sasha for both my girls!

And then there are the cakes. She had three separate parties! a simple party at the kindergarten, a simple party at the Zaharon (the place she spends her noons until I get back from work), and a big celebration with all her fiends and family.

It is finally over now! (Though I have my nephew's birthday coming up next week, and it is my job to make him the cake).
I was still able to do just a Little bit of sewing!
I made a simple version of KIM to my 10 years old niece. I've bought the pattern since when the winter started I realised I have no clothes for my 6 years old! she's gotten so big!
so it was a great excuse to get KIM (along with some other Farbenmix patterns!).
The day I got the package, i also got a huge pile of clothes from my sister's 10 years old daughter... Now I have so many clothes for my own girls!
So i thought I;ll make my niece some pants. She and my sister are both very 'old fashioed' where it comes to clothing. There can;t be any two fabrics, just one, preferably denim...
so this is what I made -

I'm supposed to get a picture of my niece wearing it.

and yesterday I finished a raglan top for me. I'm not too happy with the fit. The pattern is 12-2006-107. I made size 40 and I think it is too big (That's a first!).
I've made it somewhat different then written in the instructions. I learned from past reviews that the neck is way too low, so I made a bit higher. I also didn;t use the facing as recommended, but rather a binding, which made the cleavage even better. But - the shoulders are too wide, it's generally too big. The sleeves are VERY long, I thing if I make it again I can take several cm off. I think it is wearable, but not nice. I may try to make is again in size 38.. But I'm not sure!
Anyhow, here it is -

This is what the shoulder look like..

Well, till next time :-)

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