Sunday, December 6, 2009


I don't need any more tops for myself!
I do NOT need any more patterns!
And yet, when friends from work arrived to Germany I ordered to their hotel two more patterns by Farbenmix!
One of them is Zoela!
I saw all these great examples in here, and thought that this top has so much potential!
SO I got it last Sunday and within two evenings I had my first top!

I made size 38-40 but It felt a bit big on me, so the next time I left much smaller seam allowances, hardly any, and made the top about 5 cm shorter in length, and I got this.

They did not turn out as cute as in the link I gave but that's because I do not have the best knits for the pattern! But I'll get some!
I'm taking a break from tops for myself for the next month or so.
I need to make a couple of more dresses for my girls and start planning their costume for Purim!

I did make a bag!
But will write about it a little later :-)
so that's it for now!

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