Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is officially here!

And I started Summer sewing!
As usual.. there's always this issue of.. why bother???? The girls have so many clothes. cute ones! dresses, etc... My boy also has a lot of clothes...
Actually, my oldest, being a tween and all, is really obsessed now days with the clothes she is willing to dress.. It's difficult to find those rare items in the store, that are priced reasonably and both of us approve of it. I guess most of my Summer sewing will be for her. And for me.. I also need some tops.
But I started with shorts for my 8 years old. She really is a tom boy. She loves wearing dresses, but if they are not VERY comfortable.. she'll never wear them again. same for pants! she refuses to wear Jeans, or any pants/shorts with buttons or zipper. So I was really pleased when she felt this very soft floral denim fabric and decided that yes, I can make her some shorts out of it..

The pattern is Oliver + S Sunny Days Shorts, and it is FREE! You can download it here... I have never used Oliver + S patterns before.. translated to Israeli money they are really expensive.. but I may just have to.. it really is a great pattern!
I did not add anything to this really basic shorts, knowing that for my eight years old any addition might just get in the way of, well... of messing around... I made size 8. It's slightly too big, but the elastics in the waist keep it all in place.

Then I continued with my tween. She chose a really weird fabric, Mottled (I hope I'm using the correct term, this is what google translate gave me). But I don't have much of it so I first made a try of a simple top using some other fabric. The pattern is Ottobre 01-2014-28. I made size 146 exactly as instructed. I finished the neck, sleeves and bottom end of the top with black bands of fabric.I kile this look. My girl loves it and gave me the OK to make the same top with that mottled fabric...

Also for my tween.. The school has some talent show every year, and this year was selected to represent her class. RESPECT, right??? She asked me to make a dress.. She never asks me make her dresses anymore!!! so I had to agree (even though I only had two days.. two work days... for that. I made her my beloved Maria dress, which I made so many times before. Still used size 10, but added seam allowances and added about on inch to the front. That was a mistake, it's too big... So next time I will have to make it narrower (just add seams to the sides do NOT add to the middle!), and make it longer next time. Still, my girl liked it a lot!

Next I plan two tops for myself and.. well.. I have to.. few summers dresses for my younger girls (yes, even though they don't need dresses..)

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