Thursday, March 12, 2015


To be honest, we do not really use “official nightwear” in my house.
I usually dress the little ones comfortable clothes, and that’s it. The girls use also comfortable old clothes, that are not fit for outerwear anymore…
So do I..
But a friend of mine bought me this fabric (Ok, I asked her too… :-)) and I figured that, hey, next week is Purim.. and during the week before Purim there’s always at least one day that the kids are supposed to come to school/kindergarten with their nightwear! So, I started working..
For my eight years old I used Ottobre 01-2015-16 (Free Starts) size 122cm. I know it’s supposed to a dress but it looks adorable as a nightgown. For the leggings I used MODKID leggings size 132cm (from the book).
For my 3.5 years old girl I used Ottobre 01-2015-16 (Free Stars) size 92cm. This time I added the neck facing with a different color. For the leggings I used Ottobre 06-2009 Stripy legs size 92cm. I added to the bottom of the legs a red fabric band.
For my 3.5 years old boy I use the Harava top of Ottobrre size 92 cm. and I remembered to use bands for the sleeves, neck and legs finishes. For the pants I used that same Stripy legs patternbs but I widened it a lot to make it fit for a boy. It’s still narrow but I think it looks cute!
So there you go!
The pattern review for the XXXX
Well, it’s cute. I don’t think it would work as a dress in my home, since my girls like twirls. But as a nightwear absolutely! Also maybe for the summer as a coverup when going to the swimming pool.
The size is accurate, the fitting is great. The instructions are, well, didn’t really look at them!
I omitted the pockets because I don’t like the kids going to sleep with small stuff in their beds.
No changes other than that.
The kids LOVE their jummies…
And now they are ready for ‘upside down’ day at school!
Note from today.. Purim already happened, also upside down day. The jummies returned home.. well.. very dirty! I'm not even sure I'll be able to clean them!!!

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