Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy birthday and yet another bubble dress!

Since my 8 years old was born in the winter, it is always a challenge to find a cute winter dress for her birthday. As in lat year, she chose the Modkid bubble dress again I didn't even have to change the size, since she hardly grew...
So I don't really have much to write...

She chose the fabrics. not really what I liked but.. it was her birthday after all.
The cakes were a challenge: she wanted 'my little pony'. Since I knew it in advance, I order from aliexpress a little pony mold. It was a great help!

The other cake is a dolphin cake. All the sea animals are also from a mold. Let me tell you.. these molds are great! I plan to buy more... very soon. Real life savers. If anyone wants the details on the molds, I'll happily share!
This is NOT my new pattern of the month. I actually have what to show... soon!

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