Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simplicity 2396 - Revisited! (and more bags and stuff)

I promised a very good friend of mine a bag. She selected the fabrics, and she selected some thick, leather-like (am I clear? I don't know what's the name of this fabric is English) fabric.
She wanted a bag similar to my Simplicity 2396 bag, only smaller. It took me a while.. but I finally made it - two sizes, the original size (for me) and the smaller one (for her).
I hope she likes it!

Then over the weekend I went to my mother. I had given her about a year ago one flower garden that I made using this great toturial. I thought of making a runner or something, I thought this would be a great craft for me for the times I spend with the girls in the playground... but since they never let me just sit there.... despite all my hopes... I ended up with only two such flowers.. and realized this is the end of my career as a hand sewing mama...
But I gave one of these flowers to my mom. Look what she made out of it!

I have some not-too-great patterns to post about and review.. It depresses me.. (time and fabric lost). But I'll get to it soon!

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