Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Starting school

Today was the first day of school. Thank god it's over!
Lady H started the first grade.
Lady N started kindergarten.
They were both very tense, and I cried.
They look so small.

My summer was busier then I thought it would be, and I didn't get to do all that I planned.
I never got to make the swimsuit for myself, or the blouse that I've planned to...

I still have some "debts" of clothes to make for friends and family.
So early next week I'll have to update all my plans for the coming month -

September will be all about old debts
1. swimming suit for me niece
2. Elodie for a frirnd
3. Bag for a friend.

Then I'll make
1. 2 pairs of pants for lady H for school
2. simple dress for my little one, yes, she doesn't need it... but... well...
3. blouse for myself

Then I'll start winter sewing...

can't wait!


  1. Did the girls have a good day at school?

    So how cold does it get there in winter?

  2. Hi Sara!
    So sweet of you to ask :-)
    They did have a good day! and today will probably ne even better!
    and.. it gets cold here, but not too cold, still.... :-)

  3. It sounds as if you are really going to be very busy :-) Looking forward to seeing pictures of all the things you are planning to make.