Friday, August 27, 2010

My guide to Elodie

Yesterday I showed my Elodie dresses...
As I wrote, I had some issues with the photo tutorials by Farbenmix, so I did my own.
This is how I did it...
I am sure there are more options... but this one worked for me, and since the Farbenmix photo toturials didn't help me much, I am uploading my bersion - It might help someone, and it will sure help me when I make this dress next time (which is next week, as I was asked to make it as a birthday gift for my kid's friend).
SO here goes:
The sleeve
I thought the sleeve should be gathered. It is a symmetrical piece (back and front), one edge is a little more curved then the other, I treated the other one (the less curved, and also the one that has marks on it) as the end edge of the sleeve. I chose to put elastics in it to gather it a little.

attcach the sleeve the back

top stitch it

repeat for the second sleeve

attach the sleeves to the front part

top stitch

sew the upper part sides together to finish the sleeves

top stitch

now. gather the lower part (I used two parallel long stitches for that) and you get this:

now prepare the lower part - just sew all panels of the lower part:

attach the uppoer and lower parts.., and elbalish (I placed a ribbon on)

all that's left now it to put on the zipper and put the elastic on the neck.I put the xipper on, then I used bias tape around the neck to create a tunnel for the elastics. I didn't document this part well so words is all I can offer at this stage..
Now embalish and finish...


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  2. As many times as I looked at this dress I cannot believe I didn't comment! I love it so much! What I like best is how it takes a peasant dress and revamp the skirt to something totally fresh and of course g
    twirly. Red and pinks are my favorite colors so of course I love the fabric. It's just so perfect!

  3. Thank you SO very much for the instructions. Your dresses are lovely