Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vogue 2980

This is my first Vogue pattern, and I LOVE it!

This pattern has so many good reviews in patternReviews. I don't really have anything to add... only to say YES! this is one easy, quick and special top!
I made it twice - short for the coming month or two, and once long for the coming winter...
The short version

The long version

The Pattern Review:

size: There are many sizes in one envelop. I made size C and it fits, I think that size C fit size 40 (or 8 in American sizes).

Instructions - GREAT! One step was not very clear to me, but I just did as sketched - and it works! There are only a few steps...

Changes from design: none. However, next time I make the long version I'll change the sleeve a bit - I'll make it an inch longer for sure (too short for my taste) and maybe wider too...

Notes: I really like that the short sleeves are construced with lining... and the pattern even explains why. I like the unique shape of the top, and that the pattern includes instruction to change the pattern for several body types.

Conclusions: Winderful pattern, great instructions...

On a personal note... I'm getting better! I baught my sewing machine exactly three years ago, and I didn't know even how to thread it, I knew nothing! I acually cried when I broke a needle, I was sure I've just destroyed my machine!
And now I'm getting better.
I am more willing to handle a bit more intimidating patterns, and I get more professional looking results. I have so much to learn, always, but I really do think Ihave better skills!

for the coming month - I am getting ready for fall...
so much to do!


  1. Gorgeous tops. Really beautiful. Your waist is tiny!

  2. Gosh, I wouldn't look twice at that pattern from the pattern cover but it looks fab made up.

  3. Lovely tops; they sure show off your beautiful figure.

  4. מקסים... השרוול בא בנפרד מהחלק של הגוף או שזה מחובר?