Saturday, February 27, 2010

Purim, Riviera, Embalishments...

A lot to write about..
Well, first - it is PURIM here, and it is raining so hard... too bad.. Still, we found a few not-raining minutes yesterday to take photos of the girls. Both were princesses, of course. My young one, 3 years old, decided she wanted to be also a cat...
So she was!

The big princess dress is from Burda 01-2010. A great pattern, that I already reviewed a month or so ago. The little princess is from an old Ottobrre issue, from 2003 I think.
Both were very happy with their costumes!

What else?
I have worked hard these past couple of weeks on patterns from SCKL. I made the Riviera Leggings - twice! what a great pattern.. I initially wasn't too thrilled about it, then, a couple of weeks ago, when helping my girls into their under garments, it hit me! Legging is indeed a great idea, and this pattern is so easy!
So I made it - twice... once the long version and once the short (which I didn't take photo of yet, since it's winter here...).
Anyhow - here it is..
The photos don't do justice by them...

The fit and instructions are just great! I'll be making so many more of these, they are so useful!
I also made IMKE, turned out just great... on that - in the next post.

One thing I have to comment, and this is entirely SCKL fault.... I have spent way too much money getting embellishments on etsy and eBay these past couple of weeks.. After seeing the book, and looking over at the flickr group... well, I could not resist it...

I bought a lot, The world turns out to be a very small place, if I can place an order and get it withing a week or so from Singapore!
I bought from several online shops that I know I'll return too!

This is one - earthfile
and this is second (especially recommended for the great service! I even got a bonus ribbon) myluckynumner9...

what would I do without the Internet?????

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