Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good IMKE and bad, bad pants experience...

Well.. I had a really hard time these past couple of days. There's so much I want to do and so much that I have to do (at work) and all of a sudden, 9 days ago, my 6 years old got sick. high fever, not eating or drinking, so tired...
9 days after, still the same...
We got the diagnosis now, it's probably Infectious mononucleosis, and she's got it pretty bad...
Anyhow, all my best made plans... will have to wait! The dresses I wanted to make my girls for the coming holidays... the stuffed animal for the March challenge...
But, before it all started - I did manage to finish the IMKE for SCKL!
When I first got the book, I didn't think I'll make this top, but my daughter saw it in the book, and really really wanted a hooded top!
I chose lovely fabrics (but really thin, because I want the top to be good for the coming spring season).
I don't have good pictures yet.. my daughter really doesn't have the energy to model for me :-(

I didn;t finish it well... I tried - finish with a serger then folding it inside, iron and top stitch - but it's not holding there.. I'll have to find another way to finish the curved edges! How do you do that?
I really like it - for next winter I'll be making more of this top!
Many more..

As for my pants experience - I set up a goal for myself for March to make myself a pair of zippered pants! I really need some pants and I HATE shopping for 'lower body parts clothes'! Having to try on clothes and look at myself in the mirror in front of other people... having to ask for those sizes... I prefer living in denial... I don't think of that. Can't do that and shop for pants!
So I chose a pattern, made some dummy version, practiced on how to put on the zipper... and then got started on the real thing - a lovely color of corderoy!
BUT - only after I sewed the two legs together I remembered - this fabric is 'with nap'. I never dealt with this type of fabric before! Even if I finish this pants, and the fit will be ok (not amazing, OK is good enough for me), the back part of the legs is darker then the front part. How's that for a woman trying to HIDE her back part???????????
I got really upset over that! The wasted time and fabric.
well, I did learn something.. I'll try to look at that as my learning fee :-)


  1. the top looks great!
    I have no idea what to do about the curved edgings... don't topstitch?

    Sorry to hear about the pants... I have that kind of things happening to me all the time because I am too impatient haha...
    Every time I'm sewing and think by myself that is goes so well... I can be sure that I made a mistake...

  2. Hope your daughter feels better soon!

  3. Thanks Daffie, for sharing you bad experiences to cheer me up! I'll try another version of the pants this weekend, and then I just have to get started with the girls dresses!

  4. Hello Michal! Thank you for joining the SCKL flickr group! About that curvy hem...

    Coupla things to try:
    First, check the recovery of your knit (how the fabric returns to its original shape after stretching). You say this is a thin knit and I'm almost certain I have had this very fabric in my hands. If this fabric is the one I'm thinking of, it doesn't recover well. If you think it's worth the trouble, apply a strip of tricot fusible interfacing along the hem.

    Second, before hemming, let the shirt hang in the bathroom overnight and hem only after the whole family has had their showers. The steam helps. Also, the shirt will achieve its final length.

    Third, try lessening the presser foot tension a bit.

    Finally, if you don't have a coverlock machine, try hemming this with a twin or triplet needle: The two or three rows of straight stitch along the top and zig zag underneath will allow for enough stretch. But loosen the thread tension a bit.

    Please also consider joining our forum to discuss your troubles (and triumphs!).

    Have a great day,

  5. Great top - I love the fabrics. Very cute indeedy.

  6. Lovely top, despite the trouble with the hem. Hope your daughter will be better soon!