Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pink Fig - Mia top

Hi all,
This is my first try with pink fig patterns, I have also shirred very little in the past...
I wanted cute, uncomplicated dresses for my girls for the coming holidays. As with most new patterns, I started with the little one (so if I missed something in the pattern, I would not ruin that much fabric).
My 3 years old picked up the fabrics.
I finished the dress yesterday, and put it on just for the photos... She refused to take it off!
look at her!

I have a prolem with shirring... First, I was afraid that my girl will find it uncomfortable to wear. Luckily - no such issue was noted, she seemed perfectly comfortable to dance and run and sing in the dress...
Second - and I think ths is MY problem - I shirred many many rows, and it looked well, but I think the thread I'm using is not good, because when I stretched the dress a bit, the thread was torn on some of these rows, It didn't affect the oberall look of the dress, since most of the rows are intact, but I think the thread is just not good (even without sewing it, just looking at it and stretching it, it looks very thin, and get torn really easily). Where can I get a good thread????

Changes from the original design - I made the top a bit longer (the skirt part) since I want it to be a dress. Next time (sure, there will be a next time!) I'll make it even an inch longer. I also didn't make the sash, thinking that my 3 years old wouldn't need that...
The ruffle of the skirt - I made shorter then indicated, since I just didn't have enough fabric.
All in all - it came out really cute. and I love it! I'm starting the dress for my 6 years old, so I really need to get a good thread...

Yes, another great pattern!


  1. Oh that is simply lovely. Any little girl would love it.

  2. I have this pattern too! Good to know it was not difficult. I don't know about the thread as I have not shirred yet. Very pretty dress!