Sunday, March 21, 2010

My March Challenge...

Well, I've had several challenges this month...
First is the softies challenge... right here. I don't usually make softies. As much as I like them, my girls play with them for a few hours, and that's it... but when I saw Dee-Dee by Melly&Me, I knew this is one softie I'll make, even if no one will play with it!
So here it is (I made two, as usual. My 3 years old still plays with hers... at least that!) -

As for the pattern, it really was very easy and came together just great. My only difficulty was the way the tail connects to the body. It might be my bad English, but I found this to be poorly explained. I finally made it two ways - in the first version I connected the body and then finishes the tail and then connected the two (I had to gather the tail a bit, since the tail is wider then the body). It came out just fine. In the second softie, I put the tail together, then attached it to the back body, and when I put the body front and back together, I had to play a bit with that, make some folds.. it then came out just fine to. So basically - I guess any way you find to attach the tail and body should work.
Both dee-Dee are cute, and I like them, I may enlarge the pattern to make a real big size dolphin, one a child can actually ride. Wouldn't that be cute???

Now for a personal challenge! I've been wanting for over a year now, to put a pants fly. And I have decided that this month is THE MONTH!
I found some great toturials! Here's the one I used - Fly-Fly-Front guide. It was a great help! I did it three times (first two I ended up with a great zipper, but upside down...) but then the third time - it came together really great! Remember - the image is not very clear, but at the first step, when putting the fly - it should be backside!
The pants is Burda 08-2006-112. Can't find the pattern picture. However - it's easy basic pants pattern, no pockets, no nothing. I started with size 44, (never made burda pants - or any pants - before, was unsure as for my measurements). Turned out it was VERY big (already good!) . I narrowed it a bit and left no seam allowance.

The important things are:
1. The fly looks great!
2. The pants are totally wearable!
I intend to get some good pants fabric next week, and make another try.
I have to remember:
1. lengthen the pants a bit - they are a bit short!
2. I used some fabric with a little stretch, I need to use no-stretch fabric
3. try to take a little bit from the waist, where they are too wide, but very little from the hips...

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  1. Loving the softies!!!
    Pants are looking great too - well done with the zipper.