Saturday, May 14, 2011

Corny and Tacky... part 3 - SImplicity 2388

So.. making these two matching bags wasn't enough...
I also needed to make them cute outfits for getting out of the hospital. I don't think I'll be making more outfits for them right now... because I have so much! But a special new outfit for getting out of the hospital with... that's a must, right?

So I picked Simplicity 2388

I chose the romper. The XXS size.
I didn't iron it.. It will look much cuter when pressed :-)

Here's what I made..

As you can see, I left out the tie on the boy's romper... still looks kind of girly I think... But it'll have to do.
In the girl's version I closed the leg opening with little snaps. In the boy's version I closed it with volcro. I'm not sure which is better.
The doll size is 40 cm, so I actually think this might be good for newborn babies. I haven't seen many newborn patterns that are really for newborn. Have you?
I don't like the tie, and if I make it again, I'll leave it out again, because the baby will be unable to lie down on his tummy with this tie. I wish I thought of that before.
As for the pattern instructions - very easy and very good. The pattern calls for snaps tape to put on the legs, but I didn't have any. I may have to buy when I get to a store.
The size, as I said, seems good...

Still a lot to do!
I have planned two dresses for the girls, bathing suits (maybe), baby bed sheets, maybe some baby toys...
We also have a lot to do around the house to get ready...

Will be back soon!

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  1. Ok, I'm officially corny and tacky ;-) these are gorgeous and so cute.