Sunday, May 8, 2011

Corny And Tacky... part 2.. sleeping bags

As promised... I am getting to this.
I baught from an Israeli online fabric shop (badim-dim) two pieces of cord fabric... that match!
And here's what I made out of it
Sleeping sacks
I don't even know if I'll use it! I never used a sleeping sack before for my girls, but this time I plan for the twins to share a bed for the first few months, so I don't like the idea of having two blankets in one bed...

The pattern if from Anna Maria Horner's baby patterns' book Handmade Beginnings
I baught the book for this pattern, since I wanted a non-zippered pattern, that allows the baby to sleep not only on his back.
I like the book, it has some great patterns in it. A lot of them I'll not make (having no more then two months left to carry this pregnancy, I do not intend to make the clothing items from the book). I may want to make the baby shoes. These are adorable..
The instructions were pretty long and complicated for me, but that's probbaly because my English isn't that great, but the illustrations were just fine.
As for the measurements, I think this sleeping bag is pretty good. I tried using it on a 40cm baby doll :-)

Granted, babies are bigger then 40cm, right? So I believe this pattern should fit babies from start till they are several months old.
I used fleece for the lining, not flannel, thinking it'll be warmer this way.
No other changes were made.
If it's a success I'll be making this bag again, as I think it'll be a great baby gift. don't you???
And it's corny, I know... these matching items. But I DON'T CARE!!!!

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  1. These are gorgeous, and look so cosy. Not corny at all!