Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been busy

I didn't write for a while, but not because I did nothing... I did a lot, and it all turned out just great:-) even if I do say so myself!
But - I lost the card of my camera so I couldn't take any pictures...

My husband bought a new one today, so I hope to take some pictures over the weekend and share them here...

I also recieved and baught some new patterns. It's a sickness... I know! But what can I do - there are such amazing patterns out there!
The first of the lot is the Sasha dress. I have already cut size 1 for my Lady N. I only used scraps this time to make sure I get it right before cutting into my better fabric. Isn't that a preety pattern???
Following I plan to make this Laguna Skirt by Studio Tantrum. here it is: .
I also order two Melly&Me patterns - Dilbert and Pippi . All of these patterns are really expesive, but I will make good use of them, I promise!
Well, I must make good use of them, because I am not allowed to buy even one more fabric/pattern/sewing book before I make good use of them!

To another subject - the Burda Magazine of July... I have subscribed, and I didn't get it yet!
I'm not sure when I'm supposed to! Anyhow - this month seems to be a bit of a disappointment for me.. I didn't find anything there that I like at first view. But I'm sure that within a few days there will be some cute pattern reviews in and I'll find some things I really like to have!

well - I hope to post some pictures tomorrow!

Have a good weekend,

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