Sunday, June 7, 2009

Burda 04-2008-140

Well, I decided that of all the Burda World Of Fashion issues that I have at home (and I have many!) I need to make at least one item per issue to justify the cost of buying the issue!

So I started -

This one is for my 5.5 years old Lady H. I know, it looks as if I never sew for my little one... It's not the case, but it sure seems like that! My 2 years old Lady N is in a Kibbutz Kindergarten, where the kids go visit the cows practically every day... I do not send her in fancy cloths there... hence - she really needs less items.

Anyhow - this is the item I chose from burda 04-2008; I liked it. Lady H doesn't like it as much... I didn't plan on making it, but then I came across this fabric in my stash and it looked just like the one in the magazine... I just had to make it!

Here's the pattern -

and here's the way it looks -

Now, what did I learn?

First - BWF instructions are beyond me! I could not understand how the ties are attached to the bodice! I finally used the instructions for the toddler dress from Ottobrre 02/2005.

Other then that - it's a really easy pattern, but it runs HUGE! I made size 116 for my 112 cm Lady H and it looks huge on her!

Never mind, one issue done, about a dozen more to go!

That's it for today,

Have a good day :-)


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