Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daisy Kingdom 2988


This is the latest dress I made for my 5.5 years old. I love it! I posted on it on PatternReview, so you can see it there, but this seems like a great place to put the pictures.

the hat actually looks much better then it looks in the picture. still, even though I used a pretty stiff interfacing, the brim is not stiff enough. I may have to take another swing at it!

My big girl (from now on I'll refer to her as Lady H. As opposed to my little one, Lady N.) really needs no more skirts/dresses or any other clothing items! she has so much. On the other hand, I love making new dresses, she loves wearing them, so why not?

what did I learn from this pattern?

1. First - I do not understand the elastic guide part - it was huge. I should have tried it on before stitching it.

2. The hat - well, I still need to see if it washes well, but I got it! I understood how it is done! I should also experiment with other interfacing to make the brim stiffer, but now that I have the technique down I can attempt a hat for myself!

3. polycottons are wonderful! I got the fabrics for this dress from this great ebay store - It washes well, it is very thin and suited for summer, rarely wrinkles. and comes in so many colors and patterns!

my next project:

The fat quarter bag - this will be an attempt to overcome my grave fear of zippers! I bought it awhile ago here, and never got around to it. It looks really sweet, but my first attempt with it will be from simple fabric from my stash, until I master this whole zipper thing. I'll be sure to upload the results!

have a good day!



  1. Miki
    Very pretty dresses and cute girls

    I will look forward to your next projects. have a fear of zippers and button holes.I can never get them to look right. I took a year of Hebrew in college a long time ago but forgot it all.It is a beautiful launguage both hearing it and seeing it written.I am from Minnesota in the U.S.I entered some of the giveaways but did not win either.I will stop by your blog often!

  2. Thanks for the warn words! Really kind of you!