Saturday, June 27, 2009

My First Sasha Dress!

Well, I have so much to show - now that I have my camera back! (Of course, as soon as we baught a new memory card to the camera, I found the old one!).
Anyhow - I still didn't get all the pictures that I wanted... but I did take one of the Sasha dress!
I made a muslin version, but of nice fabric, to my 2.5 years old lady N. I haven't checked for fit yet - I finished it last night when she slept, and has to fight to urge to wake her up just to try the dress on!
But - I like it!
I made the simple version - I changed a few things!

1. The closure - where do you find the kind of closure that appears on the pattern - I don't know! so I finished it with buttons...
2. The pattern calls for really long strips of fabric for the skirt, on a fold! No way a 110 cm wide fabric can fit there...
so I cut it not on the fold - and I don't like it! I wonder if I can cut it on the fabric length... what do you think?
I want to make this dress for Lady H.
I realized most of my fabric stash (which is HUGE!!!) is pink!
That means I MUST buy more fabric, right?????

I will take some pictures of Lady N in this dress tomorrow, since we have a end-of-the-year party in lady H kindergarten. I'll post a Pattern review also.

Good Day!

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  1. Hi love the sasha dress. Just thought I would also let you know that you have one my June Giveaway

    All I need is a size from you!