Friday, November 18, 2011

The search for the best winter dress...

There is really no problem in the summer, right? There are so many great dress patterns other there... you just have to choose.
On the winter, however...
Both my big girls were born in the winter... and a girl must have a special dress for her birthday, right? So, I have been looking for long sleeve dress patterns... well, forever.
Three years ago I made by 8 years old (back then she was 5) a long sleeve dress from Ottobre.

Looking at this picture... I may make this dress again.
I then looked for more. Didn;t fund any that looked good to me.
Og course, jumpers are veru good for the winter, but it requires me to make sure thereis a close fitting, color-matching, top under it, which I don;t always have available...
But I have used Farbenmix Sasha made out of baby cord and Farbenix Feliz several times and winter dresses.
I even tried to make the sleeves of my Tini pattern longer

but none of these.. though I did like them all, became my favorite winter dress pattern... The problem is that they are all very fency, while a winter dress should be warmer, more comfortable.
Until last month I came across Henrika!!!
Don't know how come I missed it until now!
Ignore the faces of the girls... I was in a hurry to take pictures... though the girls were in a really bad mode..

As with most Farbenmix patterns.. there are so many examples over the net, hard not to get inspired.. and I have little to add, except that I followed an example I saw on the net and made the dress out of stretch fabric, making the dress so easy to sew and easy to wear!
I just need to get my hands on more patterned stretch fabric.
I like that it is a great casual winter dress. and yet, endless combinations...
I hope to have better pictures soon...


  1. Such versatility and adorability! Your daughters are preciously beautiful. It is definitely very rewarding and enjoyable to sew for children.

  2. I have the Henrika pattern too! How was the fit? Was it true to size? They look great on the girls!