Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tennis skirt and some cakes..

My girl turned 8 today!!! what a young lady!
Lately she has displayed signs that maybe these dresses I love so are not always her first choice... I mean, she still loves them, but she sometimes prefers wearing more 'adult' clothes (can you believe it??? I don't remembr myself at that age caring so much about my outfit...). I do not always approve... I wouldn't let her walk around with clothes that are too revealing, but some clothes I do approve of.
So, when I so the tennis skirt (see here) in the new Israeli fashion magazine, I thought this is something we'll both like.
Now... I had a problem. The second issue of the magazine is great. really great. It has plenty of girls patterns that I will make. Not so great for me for women' patterns, as I am not pregnant and since the styles there just don't fit me.
But -as girls clothes go, the sizes are given by numbers, and not by height as I am used to. So I chose size 8 for my 8 years old girl.
After I cut the parts, I realized the belt is about 5cm too short for my girl... I should have chosen size 10 probably. But since I already cut it all, I decided to cut only the belt again... longer this time, and make it work.
SO I have a cute skirt... but sinze it is the wrong size, it is too short.
Here's the outcome..

I need to make it again, size 10 this time... because I think it's a great little pattern with a great potential! I'll report back on that!

Tomorrow is the party, and for the past week, every nap the babies had - I made some progress with the cakes..
Here are the birthday cakes...

My wonderful big girl - Happy birthday!!!!!

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