Tuesday, October 25, 2011

getting ready for winter... yellow fleece!

I bought this great yellow fleece last month when I was fabric shopping with a friend. I could see my little one is in the bright yellow.. though this is one color I don't usually sew...

This is a mix up of different patterns.
The Poncho is from the new Israeli sewing magazine, 'World Pattern'. It is very simple and I liked it from the first moment.
The Gloves are from Mccall 5772. I love the gloves and they are very well explained, but sizing... well... that's a whole other story. More on that later.
The hat... well, I did try the same Mccall 5772 for the hat too, but it didn't work out for me, and I did not insist, as I had a cuter hat in mind. I originally saw it years ago in a free sewing guide on the net. right here.
I changed it a bit. I will post a detailed photo guide later.
Here's the result.

My little sunshine!

So, pattern reviews:

The Poncho
cute and simple poncho, one pattern piece. sizing goes up to 10, but these are 'weird' sizes. I made 6 for my 5 years old, and it's barely fit. The problem is that the sizes do not correspond with the American sizes of the three big companies and are not provided with height, as Burda and Ottobrre do, so I'm just not used to it. I guess it's just a matter of time, I need to keep in mind that the sizes run small!
But really, I love this pattern! cute little poncho, what's not too like?

The Gloves:
This is actually the review to Mccall 5772, I'll post it also in patternReview.
I tried view B. Traced size Medium for the gloves and hat, It came out HUGE!!! The gloves went to my 8 years old, the hat was too big even for me.
There is a possibility that I did something wrong with the hat, because I couldn't understand how the lining and the outer parts go together, I found the hat instructions to be very poor. My bad English might be at fault here, but I usually do understand patterns...
I retraced the gloves to get a smaller size, no problem there.
I didn't bother with the hat, like I said, the instructions weren't clear.
I will make the gloves again. and again... really really cute. But if you plan on making it, note that this pattern really runs big!

Now, the hat!
As I said, I used the Fleece hat tutorial here.
But I wanted it changed a bit, so I took photos of the steps, so I'll make it again! Made it twice already for my two big girls.
Here it is...
I used 3 strips of fabric. Main fabric band is 50X18cm (was perfect for 5 and 8 years old). The other two narrower bands are 50X9 cm.

I sewed one main fabric band with a narrower band.

I sewed the side seem to create a tube

I cut the fabric this way..

now the fabric band that was left on the side... sew the side seem to cerate a tube.

fold it lengthwise, right side on the outside.

place the folded band, open side down, on the hat as follows amd sew together

Now tie the top of the hat with a small strip of fleece

All done!

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