Saturday, October 22, 2011

boleros... a lot of them!

So, I made many many boleros lately, for the girls and for myself...
for the girls I used NewLook 6582 (already reviewed the pattern right here).

This time I made it much better... I made it two sided!
Love the way it turned out!
A word of explanation - I made it twice (using two different fabrics), then I put them one on top of the other, right on right, and sewed it together, I then turned the right side out through the arm hole. Now I only had to finish the armholes...
Here's what I made for the girls..
This one is two-sided,but with the same fabric...

This one is made of two different fabrics..

But I don't have a good picture of the other side... This is all I have...

The dress on this picture will be fully 'exposed' soon...

for my own bolero I used Mccall 5006

I made view F using a light knit, though the pattern recommends either a stable knit for the view or light non-stretch fabrics. ButI made it using two layers (as I did with the newLook pattern), so it's not too light. I like the way it turned out!

The pattern review
what's not too like??? I live this view! I made size 8 and it is OK, but I think this pattern is very forgiving that way...
I didn't use the recommended fabric type, but rather a very light knit (but two layers of it), and I love it!
Using two layers and making it two-sided fixes the issue of seeing the wrong side of the fabric that I saw people commenting about in
Will I make it again? I might, I just need to see that this one is being used!
I may also try other views, I think this pattern is very useful!

This is it for now, The holidays are finally over and within a week I'll have to change my focus and get started on my eldest's birthday plans.. I love birthdays!

Have a good week!

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