Friday, October 15, 2010

new look 6582.. and some news...

Well, this has been quiet a week...
October and November are usually busy months in my family. We have several birthdays, the holidays are over and the whole idea of taking a day off after the big August vacation and all these holidays seems ridiculous.
If I could take a day off... just to go fabric shopping...
Anyway, I had big plans for this week, as my big girl is turning 7!!! (in a month, yes, but we just started the planning phase - what party will she have,what will she wear, what cakes does she want...)
In between I had my niece's birthday party. The party was kind of last minute, so I just didn't have the time to make the cake I wanted, but here's what I did manage...

I also finished this week two boleros for my girls. I love boleros for this time of the year...
The pattern is New look 6582.

I plan on making also the dress.. but will have to wait.
Now please note - I forced my girls to wear the boleros first thing in the morning, they barely woke up.. over their jummies... because it's very sunny right now, and I think it'll be at least a week before they actually need to wear these. So, you'll just have to imagine that they are properly dresses... Ok? :-)

Isn't it cute???

I made some changes from the original design. In the pattern instructions - the bolero is made of one layer of knit fabric. I made the front and back parts out of two layers (cut the pieces twice, put the back and front together and sewed, then I sewed the inner part with the outer part (right to right) turned and top stitched. I then treated this whole thing as one and added the sleeves. I like it better because I think the front looks better this way, more finished, and you cannot see the back of the fabric.
as for the size - I made size 3 for my 3.5 years old, and it'll be good for next year I hope, and size 6 for my 7 years old, and she will not fit in this next year for sure.

now for my big news!!!!
I have a new sewing and embroidery machine!!!

After two months at sea it's here!!! it arrived two days ago and I didn;t even have the time to do anything but look at it and try a couple of stitches, But really.. isn't it great!!!!
have a great week!

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