Thursday, October 21, 2010

Many packages on the way!!!!

To start with, I've been planning to go on a trip to 'Nahalat Binyamin', the fabric street of Israel for several months now, so I've been saving my money for this trip... It was canceled every time for reasons beyond my control!!!!
Anyway, when a close friend of mine told me a month ago that she will spend two weeks in the USA... and that she wouldn't mind bringing me a package... how could I say no??? So I order a package to her. She's my friend, I didn't want her to have to carry too much, so I tried very hard to keep the order not-too-big. This package I'll probably get next week!
Three day after I made this order, my brother in law told me he was going to be in Boston too... he's a guy.. so he can carry much more, right? I placed an order in for him too.
and I was soooo happy!
Then my brother in law called me from the US, to say they changed the hotel. It was too late however and my dear, great package could not be collected....
now I was soooo sad!
I had to do something to feel better. So I placed a tiny order on etsy, for some Japanese fabric. Never had these fabrics fabric, wanted to know how they feel.. They are kind of expensive though, and the shipping was also expensive. but still... I placed the order and I am waiting for it to arrive now.
Meanwhile, contacted me to say they have my package back. Since I already paid for it... I decided to ask them to ship it to me to Israel. Those of you who live here probably know that as much as they have great price for the fabrics, they are the most EXPENSIVE store I know when it comes to shipping costs. But I did it anyway.
I had to add 54$. More than the fabric cost me.

so now I have three packages on the way.
and they cost me much more then I have planned.
And I have no budget left for my Nahalat Binyamin trip... If I ever do go on it!!

Now, you may think all I did in the past few weeks is internet shopping, but I also managed to finish some items...
this is one:

This is "Vilkas" from Ottobre. I love this patter. made it many times before in smaller sizes, and will make this one again when the winter finally arrives.
I also made a very pretty skirt for my 7 years old, but there are no good pictures yet!
Weekend is almost here!!!! finally!


  1. Great pants!'s international shipping is expensive! I only buy from them when the fabric is going to my mom's house or to a friend's. Hmmm, might need to see how much luggage space my friends have available. They are coming down here in December.

    Happy sewing with all of your new fabric (when you get it!).