Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm not quilter... but...

I ALWAYS look at all those amazing quilts people do... it seems to me like a year's work! Really! I admire people that are built for this type of lengthy work!
But I am not one such person.
Still, when my sister in law said she was pregnant, three months ago, I right a head thought... a baby blanket! a cute, tiny one, for a stroller...
And I started.
After I had two squares ready, we learned that she has a boy. A Boy.. In our family!!!! I was so sure she had a girl...
So I think I'll keep the blanket... :-)
It's not finished yet, but the top part is ready, and no, I don't think I'll ever make a quilt again. I'll finish this one, though it looks kind of weird, but I am not cut out for this type of work!

So, now that I know she has a BOY, I thought I'll make each month a small item for a new baby boy, so when the baby is out, I'll be able to give him a few items.
I started with this

The pattern is the Frog & the LadyBag Blankies. Cute, great pattern and instructions!
I made one side out of cotton, and one is very soft Fleece. I like it! I made two identical ones so if the baby is attached to it, and it gets dirty, his mom will be able to get it cleaned :-)

As for my October plans, I have changed them. This is going to be a difficult month at work, and if I set myself an unrealistic amount of goals, I'll end up not enjoying what I do... I need to keep reminding myself - this is my hobby.... my FUN! It better stays that way!
So this is what I plan:
a winter dress for my little one
a top for my self
omne small baby item
two boleros for the girls.
I think this I can do...

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