Friday, October 8, 2010

Simplicity 3902 - another dress..

Fall has arrived. Yesterday it started to rain... good thing I already started sewing for winter already!
I always look for long sleeve party dresses for my girls. I know jumpers work well too, but they require a matching shirt under the jumper, so basically they require planning a head.. not my strongest side...
so when I saw this pattern

I thought it has great lines, and many possibilities.
It came out very fast. I made size 3 for my 3 years old and it is too WIDE. I should have checked... too bad.
I will have to try another dress...maybe this one again but after narrowing all side and back parts... maybe another one, more fancy and twirling, maybe Faliz again... don't know.
It's not a big deal...this dress will be ok in several month, and I do like the sleeves, don't know... would love to hear your thoughts on that!
But it probably will NOT be the dress my girl will have for my big girl's birthday party next month.
I did a rolled hem on the bottom and it doesn't look all that great. I'll put a red bias tape instead...
Now for the pictures
(Lady N is after a very long day... so she's not her smiling self... never mind that)

Buit I really don't get it! how come size 3 of one simplicity dress is too small and one is soooooo wide????

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  1. Well it is still so cute! This is the second dress I have seen out of this pattern this week! I guess I just need to go buy it! I love the sleeves too!