Friday, October 1, 2010

Modkid Kyoko - good dress, bad picture

I started winter sewing... my girl will turn 7 in a month, and somehow it always rains on her birthday, and she always needs more then one dress - as there are several parties... of course. And of course her little sister will need a new dress too...

I thought to get a head start... I chose the Kyoko by Modkid.

The picture is pretty bad, I'll have better pictures in a month :-) but for now it'll do!

Looking back at Spetember, I had a lot done! some of which I didn't even post about...Now that the holidays are over, I'll probably have a lot less done.. too bad!

Still, I made some plans for October, trying to be realistic!
my plans are
1. one dress for each girl (probably Olivia by Farbenmix)
2. one item for myself - proabably a new top
3. one baby item for a pregnant friend
4. one charity item (more on that later...)
5. If I can make it - pants for myself ( I hate making pants... I keep pushing it... what can I say... kids' outfits are so much more fun!)

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  1. What a beautiful Kyoko! I am going to have to make another for my daughter as she has almost outgrown her other ones from last year. I just love that pattern! Good job! I know all about bad pictures too! Lighting is everything and I don't always have the right lighting.