Friday, October 29, 2010

Butterick 5497 - new fall top for me

This is the pattern

It looks great, right?
I order it a month ago, and dared to try it last week.
I used some not very stretchy knit, very nice one, and it now one of my fall tops, and just in time too... as tonight it started to rain.

I looked at my closet the other day, and I was happy to find out that this past year I have sewed many tops for myself. I am still behind on zippered pants, which are still a challenge, but the tops are great, all are in use, or will be soon when its colder outside.
Now as for this top, I'm not sure. It is unique, somewhat out-dated, I think. I think it looks good on me but I'm not sure as it very big in the bust area and very snug on the belly, and I'm not used for this look.

what do you think?

The pattern review:
The instructions are very very clear, I followed them and had no problem.
sizing - I made size 8, it is very snug on the belly, but big (I think it should be this way) on the bust. I have s small bust though..

If I make it again I'll have to make the belly part a bit wider.

Changes I made: for the neck you are supposed to just fold it in and sew, I don't like it, it never comes out OK to me. So I cut another two pieced at the same shape as the neck and sewed them in as facing.
I at first didn't fully understand how to make the gathering in the shoulders,so when I made it I didn't leave enough room for the neck facing and had to fix it manually... to bad, But it worked out OK, and if I make it again I'll remember that!

Don't know if I'll make it again, as I'm not sure the top looks so good on me... but if I wear itto work and get compliments,... then yes, as it is a vety easy top!

As for my many many packages... they are all here! I have so much fabric, which is great! I am stilling missing some types of fabric (such as fleece and solid knits), but I enoough for now!

For the next couple of weeks I am starting the November birthday Marathon! My girl celebrates her birthday on 9/11 and me nephew one week later. They both need thee cakes each.. One for school, one for the after school care, and one for the celebration. I will probably be a bit too busy to sew... but I will sure try. I'm hooked!


  1. This top shows off your shape well, I think I'd probably team it with a mid-length skirt and dress it up. Doesn't do much for me with pants.

  2. it's very good!
    i like it! it looks good on you
    where did u order it from?

  3. Hi Rox,
    I ordered the pattern on a sale from I shop there a lot! (too much if you ask my husband! :))