Tuesday, November 2, 2010

playing hide & seek in my house...

The other day I sent my little one up the stairs to undress before I come to give her a bath. She sometimes enjoys hiding and gets thrilled when I pretend to look for her, She usually hides under the blanket. Not this time,
Look where she was...

Yes, I'm ashamed to admit.. this is only a part (a big part, but still... only a part) of my fabric stash... and this is where I store it.. unfolded in the bottom of my closet:-)

Now, I am very busy getting ready for my 7 years old birthday. I was missing a winter dress for my little one (and if I manage I will also make another dress for my 7 years old too). I didn't have the time to try a new pattern so I used my beloved Tini!
you may remember the many-many Tini-s I made this summer.. (if you don't - here are the links - Tini1, Tini2 and Tini3).
So I made the Long-sleeves Tini!
I made it a size bigger.. since in the winter I may want to put some leggings under, plus, I want it to fit throughout the winter..
I really like it!
I will have better pictures next week at the party, but right now...

Bye for now!

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