Monday, November 15, 2010

It's so easy 2672... boy version or girl version...

I have been very busy lately. Mostly I made cakes for some family birthdays and doing some over time at work :-(,
This is what I made for my sister's son.
I don't like boys' cakes... so boring!

But I hope he'll be happy!

For over a week I didn't even come near my sewing machine! I've missed it!!! so when I could, I completed a romper I started two weeks ago...

I have two ladies on my life that are due pretty soon. One with a girl, one with a boy. I planned to make this romper for a boy... but when it was ready and all that was left was putting the buttons.. it didn't look like a boy's fabric after all. what do you say? If I attach blue buttons... will it be a boy's romper?

I didn't add any ruffles or anything, so switching the buttons is very easy... but I'm not sure! I could really use an input on this!

As for the pattern itself...
I left out the buttons on the bottom... I plan on waiting to see the romper actually fits before I make it again, this time complete and with emballishments.
I did make the pants part longer, because both babies are due in the coming winter, and the original pattern is for a short romper.
The fabric is gorgeous baby cord. It is gorgeous.. right?
I did nothing else different. And it came out very quick and easy. It just looks a bit big for a newborn baby... but I really don't remember that well... Still, if the romper fits a 3 month old baby, that's also OK... but I guess I'll just have to wait and see...
all in all - a very easy cute pattern. the size is questionable, and so is the fit... because I could not try it on.
I'll have to wait to decide if it looks good enough to make it again.

I did learn, doing this romper, to use my machine (my new pretty machine :-)) for buttons loops (so EASY!!!!) ! So I'm happy!


  1. Those cakes are works of art, just perfect for your nephew. I love that cord fabric, but it says 'girl' to me, even with blue buttons :) I think because the pink colours really stand out.

  2. So cute!! I agree that it is definitely saying girl to me. Those big pink dots are really prominent. A pink undershirt with lettuce edges sleeves would be adorable with it.
    I do find that Simplicity (and all the pattern companies, really) run really large in the baby sizes. I generally make an XXS for a 0-3 month size, and it comes pretty close to RTW sizing.

  3. I don't think the boys cakes are boring, I think they are small pieces of art and they are fantastic.
    I have to agree with the two other ladies, I wouldn't put the romper suit on a boy, the fabric is too girlish.

  4. You hit it right on the nose about it looking more like the romper is for a girl. I think so too! It is adorable, though.

  5. Thank you all! A girl's romper it is :-)