Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The cakes parade!

So... My 7 years old is 7 today!!!!
I brought her a cakes to school today. The party is in two days!
She's gotten so big! It's easy for a sewing mom to keep track of how much her kids gotten big, right? patterns I traced only last year no longer fit!
well... dear, sweet girl... happy birthday!
I made her a long sleeve Tini, since this will be a weekend of parties, and we must have enough pretty cloths.. right?

(again.. not great pictures... I will have to take better pictures at the party!)

And here come the cakes!!!
The castle cake is a bit in 'offset'... but my girl wouldn't let me fix it :-). It's inspired by many castle cakes in the net, and specifically by a Lindy Smith cake.. Can't remember the name of the book right now...

The Ballerina is from Debbie Brown 's enchanted cakes... and the colors are so much better in life! I have to take a better picture!

Next week I have to make to "boys" cakes for my sister's son...
Then I'll finally get back to sewing! I miss it so much!!!! I have so much planned!

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