Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ruthie's Romper

I saw this pattern not long ago... And I had to have it!

I thought it would be a great outfit for Hanucca...
I know, rompers are not practical...but for a party, when I am near her all the time, I thought it's just cute enough to justify being not practical. I mean... we have to sacrifice to be pretty.. right?
Anyhow, I couldn't get the shirring right in my new Brother machine, so I returned to my old Sovina for that.
First, the pictures

Now... the fabric... gorgeous, right? I am not sure what it is... it's 100% if I remember correctly, but it's not quilting cotton, it's draping, not wrinkly.. I love it. I got it about two years ago in dotsnstripes, my favorite English store. I really need to have a family member go to the UK again...

The patter,.. My girl is 98 cm... So I chose size 4 for her and it is HUGE! It's good, because I plan on the romper for next year too... But it was very long... The pants length without the ruffles (that are pretty big) were longer then her legs... So I had to shorten it quite a bit before I could attach the ruffles.
I like the explanations, I like the pattern. I am not sure I'll make it again, my 7 years old is too big for that, and I don't the need in having two rompers for my 4 years old... again, this is not something I can send her to preschool with.

If I do make it again... here's what I would do different - I attached the ties as instructed... but I think it should have been more to the center, because the ties seem to be too wide for my daughter's shoulders...
and I'd cut it much shorted to begin with.

On another matter - I won a giveaway!! and not just any giveaway... I won the Rosetta Ruffle bag by Sisboom! Let me tell you, it was so hard to choose just one pattern from all the patterns right here... But then I saw this two amazing example of the Rosetta bag made by Jenny from sewprettydresses and Tas from LittleBozzle... I knew what I had to choose... Thanks so much, Madeline, for letting me know of my winning. Thanks for much Sisboom!

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