Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caroline, simple and practical!

Caroline by Farbenmix... need I say more? I was not aware of this pattern until I saw this blog entry of WillowAndMoo... I did not win that giveaway, but I wasn't going to let it stop me!
I did think long and hard before buying this pattern. It looks simple, I think if I tried hard enough, I could have come up with the correct measurements for a cute knit skirt over SCKL Riviera pattern...
But then I realized - I want it to fun! I want results... yes, I think money used to buy good patterns that will serve me for years to come, is money well spent! don't you agree???
Anyway, I got the pattern, and I already made three pairs. The forth one is in the works. and I love it!
It is easy, and simple, and so practical, if the winter ever starts here, my girls will still feel pretty going to school, but they will also be well dressed!

The other two Carolines will be posted really soon!

My 4 years old insisted that I take a picture of her in her favorite dress.... the Dora dress.

Let me tell you, no dress I made for her comes even close to make her happy the way this Dora dress, which I baught for her several months ago, makes her happy and it cost me practically nothing... makes you wonder... should I be offended? :-)

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  1. Those are adorable! I like them better than the Dora dress!! Isn't it funny the things that become their favorites?