Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More dresses...

A few more dresses for my girls...
My first try with the famous Olivia By Farbenmix! I didn't get around yet to making the upper dress, but the knit one I made was the easiest thing, and turned out really cute!
My three years old LOVE it!
I guess it's really comfortable, appropriate also for the kindergarten activities. a HUGE success... So I know there will be more!

I also made two more Tinis.
My 6 years old loves hers! It's made from poly cotton, so really, no need to iron. It's wash-and-go!

My 3 years old still didn't get hers... I am still thinking if I should give this dress as a present to a friend's daughter... I know I should... but I have troubles giving this dress away!
I just love the fabric of this one. I got it over a year ago from dotsnstripes. How pretty is that????

I am going tomorrow with my husband to a zimmer (is this a word in English??? I am not sure... ) I mean - the girls are staying with their grandparents and we will sleep, eat and rest in a country house for two whole days! We haven't done that since my three years old was born...
To top that, on the way over we will stop in Nahalat Binyamin - the Israeli street that is full of fabric stores!
I can't wait!
So, until next week...

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