Sunday, May 23, 2010

Next month will be all about me!

Yes, in June I'll try to make some stuff for me!
I plan pants, skirt, and two tops - just for me!
This month was so full, and now it's almost over!
First - I got from my husband the WII Fit Plus! Wow!!! I'll ignore the hint of me needing to get into shape and focus on the good things!
It's so cute!
Now I need to find the time to read (can't do without it!), sew (don't want to do without it) and sports (no more excuses... plus - It is fun!) and all this in the evenings once my girls are in bed...
Even with the WII, I did get some stuff done.
First - this baby set. (I already made one before). Not sure why I did it. I thought it's a cute baby gift, and I can make one to wait for a friend who's having a baby girl...

This time I put on buttons and shortened the straps. It looks better to me...
I then made the nie-nie skirt. I LOVE the way it looks, but, Wow, the work!!! So much work! I omitted one ruffle, and made the band far narrower (my dd has a round body, and skirts just tend to slip below her waist, so the broad band just didn't look good).

I usually really love designer's patterns, and make them in pairs, one for each dd, at least! But I had enough with the ruffles!!!! and with gathering!!!
I believe I'll make this skirt again... but not soon, and not with a smile... Only if one of my girls asks for it...
I also made my first ModKid pattern! I made the Kyoko!
I love how simple it is, and yet, it looks so special. The booklet the pattern arrives with is beyond my wildest expectations! Such great explanations.
I made the dress for my three years old. She's kind of sensivitive in her clothing, and I had to convince he to let me put on the obi. but when she allowed me...

This pattern will be very much in use!

Bye for now!


  1. Wow! Great work on the Kyoko dress!
    I just made a Kyoko top for my 2,5 year old this last month and I love it too!
    I need to keep myself from making 10 of them :-)

  2. These are great - the Nie Nie looks very sweet but oh my, the Kyoko!!
    I've only ever made one but you have just inspired me to grab that pattern out again.

  3. Everything is beautiful. I really love the Kyoko. I have to make that for Moo before she outgrows the pattern.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make for yourself next month. I can't believe it's practically June!

  4. The Kyoko is beautiful... but I wonder how well it stays in place on an active little girl???

  5. Hi Dianne,
    It actually stays pretty well, though I guess I wouldn't put it on her for playing in the playing yard :-)
    all of you - Thanks for visiting and commenting!