Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok... So this month was supposed to be all about me..

But it will not be!
First, I have nothing to show yet, but I will, I finished another swiming suit for my 6 years old, and the cutest Olivia for my 3 years old, and some pants for me.. Just didn't take any pictures yet!
About this month - Some of my friends asked me to sew new dresses for their daugthers. And my sister asked for a swiming suit for her daughter. And I forgot that my 6 years old needs a new dress for her farewell party from kindergarten.
So instead of making this month all about me, here are my renewed plans for this month:
1. two dresses for my friends
2. swiming suit for my niece
3. new dress for my girl's party
4. top for me
5. skirt for me
6. bag for me
I wonder if I'll be able to make it all... The 'me' stuff takes time, you know!

Since I have nothing to show, I thought I'll share some of the cute events allover blogland and some of the stuff that I know I'll have to get!
First - look at this book:

I don't know anything about this book, but I know both my girls would love to dress a doll just like they are dressed! I am seriously thinking of getting this book once it is published! I just need to find 'an American doll' here where I live!
This book is also on my list!

Much more is happening!

On the Burda magazine from the previous monthes that are plenty of stuff for me to make, I don't know when I will get to that though!

Skirts week!
I do not wear skirts! But that's not because I don't like them. I just never found a skirt to compliment mty heavy lower body part!
But I keep thinking that I might come across such a design.
So one of this month's goals is making myself a skirt!
And after setting this goal I came across this great idea of the skirts week!
I know I'll look at all these pictures and try to gather some tips for adjusting a nice skirt for myself!
I hope also to take part in the girls' skirts section - I have made many cute skirts for my girls that I think can be entered to the flicker group!

Clare from Clare's craftroom is giving away her new pattren - the cutest Crocodile! How cute is that?

I so hope I win!

Bye for now!


  1. Thankyou so much for including me in your post , good luck in the giveaway !

  2. Oh now I have to go off and look up that Sew Sependipity book! I wear skirts but am also in the perpetual hunt for THE perfect skirt for me. I am sure that it exists...somewhere!