Monday, June 7, 2010

my new summer outfit!

Ok then, between some other 'old' stuff I managed to make a summer outfit for myself
But first, the old stuff...
my 6.5 years old started a swiming course! She's getting so big...
So I had to make her another swiming suit, using KwikSew 2605 pattern.

I also made a new Olivia for my 3 years old, since the pink Olivia I made for her last month is by far her favorite dress, and I can hardly wash it between her wearing it. So now she has a new one!

Last weekend I wanted to get "tasks" out of my head. I was asked by a couple of friends to sew dresses for their girls. I don't usually mind, but when three friends ask me together (I mean, a part and not knowing on each other, but at the same time practically), and at this time of the year which is busy as it is... well, I decided to get it done with.
I finished one Tini for a friend, another Tini for another friend is almost done, and I still have some tasks ahead... but not so much!

In this Tini I didn't use elastics for the neck opening but rather FOE. It is much easier, and I thought the added color is also cute! I hope my friend likes it!

Then I got around to make some "me" stuff. Not much though.
I first made a simple peseant skirt... (drafted by me...). I don't like it too much... It doesn't fit great, but it's comfortable to wear around the house...
I then went over my stash of pattern to find a good easy summer top pattern for a friend, and I saw this one - NewLook 6106.

I am not even sure how long have I had this pattern around.. I think it was from a couple of years ago, I was too scared of handling knit fabric and I just put it a side.
anyhow, I love it!

By far one of the easiest knit patterns around, it sits really nice.
The sizing is perfect, I made size 8, view C.
I did change something - the pattern calls for using same interfacing before attaching the neck binding, I ddecided to try without it and see if there's a problem. I am glad to report that the neck opening is stable enough without the interfacing, making a simple top even simpler.
I actually got a compliment when wearing this top :-)!
Ok then, till next time :-)


  1. Lovely top- love the sleeves. Have the tini but have never made it up. Great to see it sewn! And i have never been brave enough to sew up bathers. Even though I have seen lots of gorgeous lycra swimsuit fabrics. I should give it a go huh?

  2. I love your top and the dresses for your daughter and friend look really lovely!