Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simplicity 2464.. new princess dress!

About two weeks since my last post... I didn't mean for it to be so long... but the days go by so quickly...
Anyway, we're very close to the end of the school year here... and the summer vacation will be here in notime! (scary!!!!)
In September my dd will start school... first grade. We are all very excited about that.
Last week there was a farewell party in her kindergarten. I thought of making her a new dress for the occasion (yea, sure, she really needs new dresses..). I was halfway through that dress when the kindergarten teacher annonced that all kids must come dressed in white. Damn!
So the dress was completed in time, but is still in the closet.
Still, I like it.
It's Simplicity 2464. I like the look of this dress.

I chose size 7 for my average build 6.5 years old. It's big, and long, but I managed it with the elastics on the back, and she has room to grow.
As for the instructions - great. The only thing I couldn't understand is the section of attaching the skirt to the bodice. I think they may have meant to attach the front skirt part to the front upper part and the same for the back, but I'm not sure. Anyway - I did the bodice back and the skirt and the attached the skirt to the bodice.
Changes from the original design - well, I left out the strip of fabric on the bottom of the front part. Don't know why -but when I added it the front part was too long... I just omitted it.
here it is!

I really like that the shoulders are covered in this dress, not much of the back is exposed. Makes it a good choice for the summer. My girl LOVES this dress!
I also managed over the weekend another top from NewLook 6106. I made it before - and I will make more, just probably not this summer :-)

As for my plans to come... I think that for the coming few weeks I'll only make kids' clothing... I've got a lot on my mind and managing 'grownup projects' is a bit too much for me right now... I might give a try to a new swiming suit for myself though. Maybe...
That't it for now!

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  1. You find such lovely patterns! I know what you mean about grownup sewing - darts & fittings all seem a bit too much sometimes. And I've tagged you in a kind of questions & answers for sewers game - feel free to ignore if you like!