Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm back!!!!

Just a word of explanation - my computer had a nasty virus... I could not access blogger for about two months, and had to use the other computer for blogging. for the past month it was pretty much out of work too...
so I couldn't blog. I also couldn't comment on other blogs! (but I still read them closely!)
My husband fixed it last night...
I can blog again!
And I have a lot to show...
Just to start, here's a new Sasha I made for my little (OK, not so little anymore...) one.

Is there anyone who reads this blog and is unaware of how much I love Farbenmix patterns???? So, I baught last week three new patterns. Can't wait for them to arrive. As soon as they do, I'll start working on them.

If you want to see more Sasha examples that I've made look right here.. It is one of my favorite patterns. Always a success!!!!

But I was busy, I made more things!
I made Butterick 5525

I made it twice. The first timeI used some heavy rib fabric, pretty stable, so the neck was finished pretty nicely, but it kind of hangs on me. Still, it is warm, and comfortable, and I'll wear it.

The second time I used some light fabric, and hence the neck was not finished well. If I understand correctly, I should have stabilized it before folding and stitching. I'll try it.

And here's how the neck looks like..

The pattern review:
The instructions are great, I made view C and there's very little to understand.
As I mentiones, the pattern doesn'tinstruct you to stabilize the nack before folding, but if the fabric is not stable enough, I think it is needed.
I cannot comment on the size... I tried my usual 8 at first and it was too small. Then I tried 10, and I think it is OK, but that doesn't mean the pattern runs small. I'm just not used to my post-pregnancy body. I think I am a 10 now... :-(
Made it twice already, and I'll probably make it some time again because I like the shape of this pattern, It sews up fast and without a problem, and it's not just a regular T shirt. I think it's a great top for work!
I like the cute folds in the front part. Adds some interest to the top, I think.
I don;t like - that finishing the back as instructed results in a wavy way...
but really - easy, cute little top!

I have more to show, and now that I have access to my blog again, I hope to update real soon!


  1. Both are so pretty! I have the same trouble with knit like fabrics. I don't know when to stabilize and when not to.

    Hope you are well. Glad you are back!

  2. There's nothing so annoying as computer viruses.
    That's a lovely top, and I really like the neckline. I'm looking forward to seeing your new Farbenmix patterns!