Sunday, August 21, 2011

Girls' world...

It's been too long... It's been difficult to get to the computer. If I have any time.. I spend it sitting near my sewing machine.
But, very little time... very little proress...

A week before I had the babies, I got a package in the mail... I got the new book by Jeniffer Paganelli.. Girl's world!

My 8 years old picked out the dress and the fabric... . I would have picked a more live color, but still, she's happy with it, aand so am I.
I made size M, it's a little too wide on her, which is good, because the summer is nearly over and I want the dress to be used next summer.

Here it is...

I think that next year the fit will be great, and she'll enjoy the dress.

About the book
Such a pretty, colorful book! The colors are so bright, and the projects vary. I like most of the sewing projects, but I think I'll oly make the dresses, as I don't see my girls wering tunics or aprons.
The piloows - very pretty. I plan to make the big round one, and I plan to let my girl make the puppy pillow.

On the other hand, I don't like that the patterns are not presented well.. It's hard to get from the pictures the details of the pattern, and there is no back view.

The pattern - Josie Dress
I really like this pattern. It has a unique look, gathered front and a pretty sash. It's a bit big, but that's good. The instructions are good. The pattern pieces are drawn well, it's very easy to trace.
My 4 years old asked for the same dress, so I'll be making it again, But I'm not sure I'll make two of these dresses to each girl, as I mentioned, it is pretty unique.

Before I finish, just one more picture.. that I have to share!

Till next time :-)


  1. Well first your girls and the babies are just precious! Second I am all kinds of impressed you are able to sew AT ALL! Third the Josie you made is so pretty! You did a great job! I am not kidding I just got on here to blog a Josie I just finished last night!

  2. The dress is beautiful on your 8 year old, and she is getting so tall. I don't have the book but i've been admiring the dresses in it.
    That's a gorgeous picture of your 4. Hope you're doing well.

  3. What a lovely picture of them all together! I'm sure they enjoy their role as "big sisters" :-)