Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Megan dress

My 6 years old... well, she didn't NEED a new dress, but as her older sister refuses to wear dresses at the time, and her younger sister is not walking steady enough to wear dresses yet.. she got two new dresses!

The pattern is The Megan Dress...
I got it from here... Isn't it pretty? and here's what I made of it...

The first version is from quilting cotton.
The second version is made out of denim...
Pattern review:
what a great pattern! So easy to make... so pretty! The dress is twirly enough to satisfy my girl, easy, because there is no need for zipper or buttons. I know I'll have plenty of use of this pattern in the years to come, I already traced the pattern for my little one. I pln to start dressing her with dressses this summer.
The sizing is great. I made size 5 for my 6 years old, and it fits really well. The instructions are very detailed and clear. I LOVE everything about this dress, and I highly recommand it!

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  1. I love the dresses, and especially that she 'didn't need them' - that sounds like the sewing I do :-)