Saturday, November 24, 2012

a long time.. again!

I lost my camera over a month ago, my little boy threw some bread to the fish when we were on a trip, he got so thrilled he tried to throw his bottle too. I heroically jumped to save the bottle... but then my camera fell to the fish...

Can that explain why I didn't blog for such a long time???

I keep postponing blogging, because I really don't have the time to tell the whole story of what I made, how I made it, and how I feel about it.

But lately I've been using some old patterns again, and I realized that having a place with a full review of the pattern, notes to myself and pictures... well, it helps, because though I remember the stuff I made, after several years I may not remember for each pattern how good it was, or what conclusions I had for it when it was still 'fresh'.

So I decided that even if I don't have time, I can still upload a picture and write some notes about the pattern.

So, I can show some of the stuff I made lately

first - cakes, my girl turned 9!!! She's a young lady now, she almost broke my heart lately, told me that she no longer wants to wear dresses!!!! She'll return to dress though, right????? when she's a bit older????
And when did she get so 'old'????? She was a baby not so long ago!
And this one is for sister's son, he celebrated his birthday yesterday..
Now, some sewing
The pattern is Simplicity 2018
I made it twice...

The first version is roomy, but not too roomy. I made size 8 which is usually my size and the fit is good. The fabric is light weight and very stretchy. I need to take care when I lean that nothing is shown, but it's not too revealing.
This version is from a heavy weight jersey. Pretty fabric, deep purple... not very stretchy. I thought of making the top a bit narrower this time, good thing I didn't, because it's very tight as is. Here are my conclusions for future reference..
Great top,If I make it with heavy weight fabric I should make it a bit wider.
The instructions are VERY easy and clear, and it looks special, not your regular T.
Love it, will make it again, for sure!

I made some more items, but since I was without a camera I don't have pictures yet... Hopefully soon!


  1. העוגות מתוקות ואהבתי את החלצה הסגולה... ברוך שובך :)

  2. שלום. קוראים לי אלכס, מצאתי את הבלוג הזה בחתימה שלך פורום תפוז
    רציתי בבקשה לקבל ממך עצה לגביי אוברלוק של בראד'ר 1034 שאני רוצה להזמין מחול עבור אמא שלי
    הבנתי שיש לך אוברלוק מסוג זה. ורציתי לשאול האם את מרוצה ממנו?
    ובנוסף איזה שנאי צריך בשבילו, כמה הוא עולה ואיפה קונים?
    תודה רבה מראש.
    אפשר לשלוח לי תשובה במייל

  3. Your tops are gorgeous, the pattern look a little like a Jalie pattern I sewed last year. Your cakes are wonderful - what a lot of work, and talent :-)
    Happy Birthday to your 9 year old