Sunday, October 14, 2012

a lot to post about

but barely any time...
We had the holidays, long and busy. we had friends over or traveled practically everyday. Much more exhausting than going to work! Traveling with four kids, two of them babies that refuse to stay in their stroller, is difficult.
So I don't feel too bad for not being around.
And I wasn't. I didn't follow my blogs, nor did I check pinterest. I have so much to check now, to go back and see what I've missed, but I'm not sure I can keep up!
I created very little. Originally I thought of posting each project in its own post, but this will take too long.

So here comes - my latest projects with just a couple of words on each.
First - my KS pants, I promised a picture. But still not a good review, as I want to try it again and upgrade it a bit this time.

Second, my second 'real' quilt. This one is much bigger than the one I made before, It's big enough for my almost 6 years old, and it'll be good for the coming winter.

She loves and so do I.
But it was difficult for me. I promised my 9 years old a quilt and I'm not sure I can handle it. I mean, I can make the top, but sewing the three layers together... was very difficult.
I will not expand it much longer except for to say I'm proud of it!

And last... remember I wrote that from now on I will sew only patterns I'm excited about? Well, I saw this one on etsy. Viviene skirt. And I fell in love... I thought of it for awhile. I mean, it's pricey! and my girls really don't need any more skirts. I thought of it long and hard, and I bought it.
And here my girls model their new skirts

And a pattern review:
I made it twice. I sized my daughters and made size 9 for my 9 years old and size 6 for my 5.5 years old. It's a bit big. I should have come down a size for my 9 years old and maybe also for my 5.5 years old. But it's not bad.
The directions are great, nothing to get mixed up, really wonderful, detailed, great photos.
Fabrics: for my 9 years old I selected quilting cotton for the inner skirt and light weight denim for the outer layer.
For my 5.5 I used quilting cotton for both layers. Both versions look great..
Changes from the original design... No, I don't think I changed anything.
Nothing much to add.. I think it's a special looking design, With elastic on the waist this skirt is both nice and comfortable.
I'm pretty sure I'll make it again, sometime... It's worth it! I hope to post soon!


  1. Gosh I love those Vivienne skirts! they look great on your girls. Your pants look nice too!

  2. That's al lot of sewing! Your quilt looks great, I have never sewn one, and I would be too afraid to try.