Wednesday, January 9, 2013

His and Hers...

Yes, I wasn’t here for a while… No, I have no excuses… I keep wanting to update the blog but I have no time.
So I’m just briefing now..
These two are old patterns that I’ve used before…

The pants are Ottobre 04-2008-2. Made out of fleece, pink for my little girl and grey for my little boy. I don’t have a good picture of those, but trust me, they look so cute in it! (I actually have great difficulties taking a picture of both of them together, since they never seem to sit down, they always tend to grab each other, take things from each other or simply hug each other :-))

The pattern review, I don’t think I reviewed it here ever. It’s a simple pants for toddlers, nothing much, It is cute and tested so I chose it. I made size 80cm for my 1.5 years old. It’s slightly long for them.. but not too much. I would have made them more, since it’s so easy and a great use for fleece leftovers, but I have so much clothes for them… so why bother!

These two are the from Ottobre 01-2009-11, also size 80.
I left out the elastics in the legs’ bottom part… but I may do it anyway. Again, not great pictures, but they really so cute in it.
I placed just one pocket only on thr front. They really enjoy putting stuff in their little pockets.
for the pattern review I can refer you to the review I wrote years ago when I sewed this for the very first time.. pattern review

The last thing I made is a new top for myself, from Burda 09-12-104.. I really like it, It comes out comforatble and roomt. I made size 40. The only changes from the original design is that since I did not have enough fabric for the full neck part, I made it shorter... meaing the turtle neck is not as high as it should be. It's still nice though.

Here's what I plan for the coming month...
* birthday dress for my 6 year old
* two new long sleeves tops for myself.
* two new leggings for the girls (one per each)
* cakes for my 6 years old birthday

I have been working like crazy this past two months... I get frustrated of how little I manage to make at home, at "my other life". I'm sure this is not only me, I guess a lot of hard working mothers out there wish they had some extra time, to sleep, to craft, to just get some rest.
I assume that within a year or two life will get a bit easier. Until then I force myself to be happy with what I manage to make, and just 'feel' my fabric stash once on a while... remind mysekf that each fabric will get its turn to become somthing :-)


  1. Gosh those little overalls are so cute! and the pants are lovely too. I'm sure life will get less crazy as your kids get a bit older. That's what I'm telling myself anyway ;) Take care.

  2. Lovely sewing, and your top looks great. Your little ones look so cute and like their sisters :-)