Friday, February 22, 2013

KS 3915, Birthdays, Purim

This was a hectic month…
We celebrated a birthday to my 6 years old!

We celebrated a birthday to my 2 years old nephew.

And on top of that, we started reparation of our house.. and we still live in it. It’s going to take a couple of months, of dirt, and noise, and overall a lot of headache… but we couldn't find another place to rent for three months for a family with 4 kids and two dogs.

I hope that once done, we’ll have our home in top condition, organized properly so every kid (and every adult!) has a little space for himself.
But in the meantime, it’s difficult. And I had to pack a lot of my sewing stuff.. I left out just a couple of patterns and very few fabrics, hopefully I’ll manage to make something… but not much for sure.
Other than the cakes I made another Megan dress for my 6 years old birthday:

And I checked KwikSew 3915 for myself.

This is the pattern:

This is my first try… The neck didn’t come out just right.. but almost. I think it is still wearable. What do you say? I left out the little loops because I was afraid I’ll mess it up…

This is my second try. It looks better in real life, but I think the buttons look “not connected”
For this attempt I sewed the neck by hand, very carefully, then I restitched with my machine.
Pattern Review:
A basic Tee with a twist. I like it because the neck is realy special, but I think the buttons, at least for me, are not a good idea. The top is comfortable, not tight fitting at all.
The instructions are clear but to be clear.. the neckline was tricky for me to make.
I sewed it by hand and only when I saw I like the result I repeated the stitch with my machine... Just so you know.
I'll probably make it again, at least for the Summer.
It's not my top favorite pattern, but it's a nice one and I'll make use of it!

And now. Purim! for my older girls I bought costumes. I wanted to sew but.. time was a big issue. But for the twins.. well, I thought that waisting money on a one time 'animal costume' was a shame... so I made them tiger outfits. Very comfortable!
The top is from Ottobre Magazine, 01-2009. size 92 which is very big for them, but all my other magazines were already packed when I thought if it...
The pants are Vilkas pants,, Made those in the past for my little girl when she was their age.
The fabric is knit tiger fabric, very nice... I
I did not bother with the finish of the costume..
The tail can be is attached using velcro, so I can take it off in case they find it uncomfortable...

So, a few pictures...

A big post this time... Hope to come back again soon with more.

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  1. Lots of lovely sewing :-) and your twins are getting tall! I love the cakes you make, they are decorated so beautifully.