Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad, bad blogger!

I know.. I am doing bad! I use my blog for reference when I look at stuff that I made, I find it useful. This is why I keep going... at least I try to. anyway, Spring has started!
So I made the girls cute Modkid outfits. The bubble skirt, which I already reviewed (LOVE that skirt), the tie top (first time.. another great pattern) and the hair band...

Do I need to review? As always, great patterns, great fit, great explanations! Do I need to say more???
I also made a megan dress for m little girl. I made the 18 month size. (she's 20 months old). the fit is great. I highly recommend this pattern!

and last for today, I made Ks 3156 for myself. I liked that it's a pattern for fabrics with just a little stretch. I thought that if I worked well on the fit it will look like work pants. Nothing difficult with them, since there are no pockets, no zipper...

I made size M.. It was big (which is flattering, because I am BIG!) so I cut it again, an inch here, another one there.. then I came with this fit. It's pretty wide, I'll make it slimmer next time I make it. But I do like it. what do you think?
I think I'll be making more, next time less wide, and maybe add something.. a pocket maybe>
There is nothing to sa about the direction.. it really is easy pants. Only two patterns pieces...
Happy Passover all!

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  1. Your girls look so summery! We hardly even have a sign of spring here yet! And your little girl is getting so tall :-)
    The trousers/pants look great - I've never sewn them, I think I'm afraid to try!