Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mccall 6062

Just a quick little post to show I'm still here.. still creating (thought far less than I wish).
People who follow my blog already know of my great affection to peasant dresses. I made Tini so many times...
So I wanted some more of these dresses... really, they are always pretty, no zippers, no buttons... fun, fun, fun!

Except, I could not find the pattern. I know I have it... but I don't know where exactly... (yes, I need to work on my house keeping and order... I am really lousy at it!)
So I decided not to waste valuable crafting time... I decided to try Mccall6062

I only had sizes 6-8.. I made size 6 for my 5.5 years old, and size 8 for my 8.5 years old. Here're my two cents about the pattern:
1. so easy! like all peasant dresses...
2. very roomy, which is good I guess because both dresses will fit next year for sure, probably even the year after that.
3. pretty long skirt... I might make it a little shorter next time.. and I left the ruffle out!

Changes I made:
1. I left the ruffle out... I wanted quick cute little dresses.. for regular summer days, not too fancy...
2. I didn't make two layers for the skirt part.. The summer here is VERY hot! instead, I cut the inner skirt part, and made it shorted and added to it a band in contrast fabric.
3. The dress view doesn't call for any elastic in the waist, I added some when attaching the band, because the dress would have been a bit shapeless otherwise...

I meant to take some really great pictures.. with matching hair bands, etc. But in the meantime this is what I have...

I hope you like it! My girls do... and I like it also... I strongly recommend, there is nothing easier then this type of dresses, always so cute!

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  1. Very pretty dresses, with gorgeous fabric. I like the changes you made, especially the elastic at the waist.