Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Butterick 5313 - top and dress

I'm really proud of this..
This is one great pattern!

It started as a simple dress for me..
I made size XXX. I had to widen it a bit on the hip because I'm a bit wider there.. and wide it even a bit more where the dress goes below the hips. but not too much. I first made an attempt that didn't work, the neck binding didn't look good... so for the next try I also interfaced the neck before putting the binding. It was much better..
I also decided that for my purposes there is no need to separate the front top and front middle parts. I cut them together..
This is the dress I made

I think it looks OK. It will look better if I were proper leggings... don't you think?
Then I thought of something.. I have a dress, that I bought years ago... hot red dress. I like it, but the color is too "live" for me... and I don't wear it. Anyway, it has an interesting upper part, and I thought I could make something similar using butterick 5313...
Here's what I did..

I LOVE it!
Here's what I did (I wish I had documented this with photos... because I'll make this again, I know it!
Icut the top front and back as a single piece from the upper top and lower top pattern pieces, I did not cut the skirt for this attempt...
I then cut the front upper top part again... just a bit wider (I didn't place the pattern piece on the fold... about 1/4 inch from it, making the piece just a bit wider), I also made the shoulders a bit narrower (making the neck opening a bit wider).
Am I making myself clear????
I'll take photos the next time I make it!
Following I placed that piece on the front full piece.. right on right, but the 'half top piece' turned in the middle. I sewed the pieces together and following just treated this as the front piece.
I finished the next with interfacing and folding... I thought binding wouldn't look good..
I'm really proud of this top! I usually just follow the pattern's instructions.. but this time I experimented.. and I love it! I'm thinking of making a dress with this top part... Next week is my sister's wedding and if I have the time... it might look good...

The pattern Review:
Easy, simple, cute little dress. The sizing is the same,as all big 4 pattern companies.
The instructions are very clear. Really... nothing much to it!
Changes from the original pattern:
well, a lot..
* cut the upper and lower top parts together
* interfaced before binding
And in my second version. well... all that I listed above.
I'll be making this more times.. as a dress (not to myself - make the top a bit wider in the hip next time!!!!) Possible also as a long sleeve top for the winter... Bye for now!

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  1. Both pieces are very, very nice! I love your creativity on the top and your version of the dress!