Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surprise... It's me again!

with so many excuses...
Seriously, this was one hectic month!
Very busy at work... very busy with kids' birthdays (my twins are two years old!!!) and it ended with my little girl's having a small surgery..

We are home now... hoping to have better and easier month now!
I barely had time to do anything this past month. Ok, not barely anything... really nothing!
But I have a little bit to show of the month before..

This is a version of the Megan dress... for my daughters when they were the flower girls at my sister's wedding..
I have already reviewed the Megan dress many times, It's wonderful! you can see the details and the review right here..
We have better pictures from the wedding... but I don't have the permission to share them.

This is a romper that I made two months ago. The pattern is from the Israeli magazine "World Patterns". I like it, I made size 10, hoping it would be bigger, but the fit was great for my 6 years old.

I hope to have more to show soon...

Good health all!


  1. Oh those white dresses are lovely! The pink trim on the tiers and the pink lacing at the back is such a nice touch. The romper is also very cute - the red checks is a nice choice for an older girl. I'm so impressed with the sewing you do!

  2. Gorgeous sewing, the dresses are beautiful, as are your girls :-) And that romper is so sweet with the large gingham fabric - very trendy!